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Amigos de Jaibalito History

Amigos de Jaibalito Foundation (AdJ) was established because of a concern over the poor quality of the public education system in Jaibalito. There was no preschool program and attendance in all grades was poor with a very high dropout rate. Supplies and equipment were lacking and no nutrition program existed. The classroom interiors were uninspiring and in deteriorating condition. The electronic revolution was reflected in no way by the curriculum.

Guatemala has the fourth highest rate of malnutrition in the world. We started with a pre-school program and upgraded the kindergarten program. We instituted a balanced breakfast program for the PreK and Kinder classes. Since that time, a Guatemalan foundation has offered a nutritional program and meal for all classes. We have made major repairs to the interior of the school and continue to be committed to improving the education of the students with improved curricula, computers, internet access, teacher training and other supplies.

School spirit among the teachers, students, parents and the community did not seem to exist before, today things have improved significantly in all areas related to the school system. However, much more needs to be done and the progress made so far needs to be maintained.

Recognizing that every aspect of the community impacts its members, especially the children, is very important. AdJ has expanded its focus and support in identifying community and individual needs which may exist outside the school system.

We support the effort of other individuals and groups who have initiated activities to improve the community for the benefit all residents and in some cases individuals with special needs.

Amigos de Jaibalito Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax deductible. There are no overhead expenses. All work related to our activities is done by board members and other volunteers.

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